Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sabo..... Sabo~

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Sekarang dah dok rumah lama pun tak dapat nak bela binatang,,,hmmm tak bestnya.... 
Sekarang kat rumah tinggal 4 ekor hedgehog, 3 ekor ikan kelah, 2 ekor ikan lumut dan 1 ekor ikan koi.
Hmmm agak cantek nombor ni ek,,,hehehe

Bukan apa, sebelum habis matriks dah macam2 fikir nak bela itu ini,,, tapi.... -.-'
Pernah dapat tawaran sepupu nak bagi anak kucing parsi warna kelabu,,,errr sangat comel dan cantek tapi...... -.-'

Then dua orang sepupu plak bela iguana,,,dan iguana itu jinak OK! membuatkan aku sangat geram,,, grrrrr
Takpe la sekarang zaman kejatuhan aku,,,huhuhuhu
But im still have the hedgehogs right? Just be grateful and appreciate what I have...
Please listen the advice MuEzz, O my soul and body...

My mom was said that I cant keep a pet again. Its enough that is in the house now....
She said again that she was unable to take care all my pets when I was not at home...
The problem is why my little brother and sisters not help me and my mom? Errr
Ok I understand now,,, not all people have same interest and hobbies.

My mom also said this "Kau kalau nak bela binatang laen, kawen lar, dah ade rumah sendiri, soh isteri ko yang jage"
She was 'pleaseeee' to me dont ever2 try to adopt a new pet again!
Hoho actually I have heart and feelings....
Sorry for my mother because she did all the homework, then must feed my pets everyday.
So tired,,,I know it,,,I ever felt it....Now i understand....

But Im still think that when I adopt a Ferret, it is not difficult to care it...
Ferret is a social animals, like a cat. But, did you forget? the gray cat is not accept right?!
Ok im relented... Its more better than fallen to mother... I am a good son right?

So I must forced to forget my prospective pet for temporary... ;-)

*My english language like skema,,,hahaha 1st try nak tulis in English,,,,hahaha

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